So, amidst working on editing our next video for the AEM Strut Bar Installation, I got a little sidetracked.

Earlier that day, Ben and I went for a drive and there was now a Mooninite, by the name of Err, giving us the finger as hard as he could. Ahem.

Now, I actually loved that idea, but it got me thinking and I made a new custom Redstart Racing BRZ start up screen. Feel free to download it and use it for your BRZ. Sorry, FR-S folks, I guess this is a BRZ thing.

The process to load it was incredibly easy as well.

  • Take out current Subaru SD card. 
  • Insert new SD card. 
  • Select Menu. 
  • Search.
  • Choose image. 
  • Overwrite old screen image. 
  • Take out SD card and put back Subaru SD card. (It saves your image) 
  • Done. 

Keep checking back, too as I think this customization is just neat and I'll have to make more.

Full resolution  

 BRZ Start Up Screen


This one was actually the first one I found while getting the BRZ logo from the interwebs.  Turns out BRZ stands for Black Rock Zydeco.  This is their logo, so full credit to them and kudos to them as well as the lobster adds a nice touch! ;-)


Full resolution 

lobster screen preview

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