About Us

If you’ve made it this far to actually want to find out more about how we aren’t just another face-less beast on the internet, then, thank you!

The nitty-gritty….

We are motorsports enthusiasts; a lot like yourself. We might be a little different in that you may not live in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s alright. You probably see more sunny days than we do. Redstart Racing began in 2013 specializing in products and parts for sport cars used in auto racing. We’ve also been active in local motorsports since 2000. We have on track experience and use the products we sell.

Why does Redstart Racing exist?

Because we love cars and racing!

You’ve been there…browsing eBay or some other site. Wondering if that Spoon Sports or SPT part is legit. And the brain starts thinking, What if they just take my money and I have to wait a million years till they actually send it? I wonder if I can get it somewhere else cheaper, but it might be a knock-off. Man, I really want that part, but what if I have questions? Will they even respond to me if I call or email? Yea, we’ve been there, too.

So, Why buy from Redstart Racing?

All of the parts we sell are absolutely, positively, straight from the manufacturer, authentic. Another reason to consider us is if you are sick and tired of calling performance shops only to feel like you’re bothering them or the employees are inconvenienced by answering your questions. Yea, we feel you. At Redstart Racing we are committed to providing a superior customer service experience for you. Your call, text, or email will ALWAYS be answered promptly and we’ll work hard to earn your business.

When you make a purchase with us, you can rest assured that we will give you the tracking information as soon as we have it. Believe us, it’s actually more work for us to avoid your calls and emails, which is why we don’t understand why some companies do and you’ll never be left in the dark; and if it’s out of stock, we’ll give you a realistic estimated time of when it will be available.

Only when you are 100% satisfied, are we happy. That’s why we also offer a 30 day return policy on ALL the products we carry.

Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer product questions, talk tech, or even help you get involved in racing and motorsport events. Redstart Racing is a small team and that’s why you will receive the personal attention you deserve.